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 Rules of Applying

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Rules of Applying Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Applying   Rules of Applying EmptyFri Aug 31, 2012 1:18 pm

First off most people wonder
What do I say in a application for admin\moderator?

Well these are our guidelines on what we need to see
As well as a disclaimer on some requirements.

Since our first minecraft server launch we have had the continuous problem
Of people wanting a position, but not knowing what that entails.

We will start with the basic things that MUST be said in your application.

  1. Your Ingame Name - Obvious reasons why its needed.
  2. *Your past experience - Do you know WorldEdit, and other ADVANCED plugins.
  3. **Your age - There is a exception to some, but for maturity reasons.
  4. Times you are online - So we can hire others around your schedule.
  5. Statement saying you agree to our terms of service - Example: I radioactivep90 agree to the application terms.

*We are looking for players that know commands, not players that have to
ask the admins how to handle a situation or what to do. We will teach
Plugins to you given that you have never seen or used them, Essentials
Is one we WILL NOT teach you, its a basic plugin.

**Your age is used to determine the type of spontantious actions that
certain age groups have, obviously someone too young can be
disqualified due to the inability to think before acting. There are
small windows of exceptions and trial periods can be set to determine
If we can make a exception for you.

Terms of Service agreement: You are applying for a serious position among =G4L=, this will be
treated very seriously. We are not looking for people that would like benefits on the server. We
are interested in people applying that want to help administer the server and keep it running as
a safe and friendly environment. When agreeing to this you must understand that your application
can be turned down for any reason regardless of what information was posted, an Admin however
is also REQUIRED to post the reason for denial, after the reason is posted the forum will be locked
and editing of that current application will be unavailable. However, this does not exclude that individual
from submitting another application on the forums for acceptance, given that the denial reason was not
one of a serious offense. Such as: Extreme abusive language, racism, being sexist, shown abuse on
the server, witnessed to of caused griefing, or stated threatening statements. Individuals are required
to act on their own for incidents such as response to griefing or players that have other in-game
issues. Upon accepting the terms of service you also agree that if accepted, your current rank
will be set to moderator ONLY until voice confirmation is completed. DO NOT WORRY, all that means
is you will be required to use a trusted voice chat program Team Speak 3. After you have downloaded
the program contact a Head Admin so he can get on to confirm two things. One would be logical,
that you are human and no the same person applying with different accounts. Two, that your age
is approximately correct and your are mature enough to play the game and be considered to have
higher privileges given to you. Use of the forums is highly required and recommended if that individual
wishes to keep on good standings.
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Rules of Applying
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