The clans forum website put back up with more access to it allowing all members to keep in contact through radioactive.
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It has been since you last visited us, mind talking about it? =)
Gamers for life will be looking into recruiting game designers for a upcoming get together. More will be released at a later date.


 Upcoming Events and Ideas

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PostSubject: Upcoming Events and Ideas   Upcoming Events and Ideas EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 7:00 pm

True most of you have noticed it has been a very slow week.

Reason being we are probably all to frigen busy doing other shit.

Not the point anyways back to the point of a topic such as this:

We should as posted on the =G4L= facebook come up with something for us all to
do on this upcoming weekend like a giant planned game event or a meeting
get together, just something where all the members can get together and have
some fun. =)

Its beter then wasting your weekends going through GAME librarys and being all
*"Uhhh, what should I play? I don't want to play this because I'd rather be doing this but I'm too lazy bla bla bla."

**Please feel open to post suggestions.

*Times can be changed does not have to be the upcoming weekend, but has to be something
all members can get together and enjoy, also please consider we do not all own
every single game you own, please take that into consideration.

**Reference from someone like Orin =P haha

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Upcoming Events and Ideas
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