The clans forum website put back up with more access to it allowing all members to keep in contact through radioactive.
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 Updates to the webpage

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Updates to the webpage Empty
PostSubject: Updates to the webpage   Updates to the webpage EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 3:07 pm

Hello all you =G4L= people =).

This is radio giving you the latest and greatest on our newest nice updates as you can see there's quit a bit.

First up we do have a official .com address that had =G4L= advertising and =G4L= advertising ONLY.

After that you can see new navigation buttons, not done but getting there =) love Microsoft Expression for its designer.

Next up is our new portal widget installed on the forums i had no idea honestly what the fuck a portal widget was, well now we know, its pretty neat too.
This is prolly how you found this story ^_^.

Okay after that there's EVEN more.

Next up is our facebook page we are using a actual Facebook Buisness page. =)


There is still ALOT more to come. =)
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Updates to the webpage
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